Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goliath Gang Reinforcements done!

Hahaha, almost exaclty FOUR years ago, I posted this! 

Now they are finally painted, hahaha. With this my Goliath Gang is complete. Cheers!


Hi there!

This is my version of Skulltaker. I have to say that I do not like too much the sculpt. I did some slight modifications like taking away the skulls on his horns and reducing the size of those horns going to the front as well as thinning down the tong -- all to make him look a little bit less rediculous! :-)

The paint job is not too elaborate and in the style of my bloodletters...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Making of the Bloodletters Unit 2

So first of the conversions I did when building the models. I basicallz used a cutter and fine saw to cut off parts and then some thin metal wire to reconnect things in different angles:

Somehow, I managed to loose one upper bodzy during the assembly, and I could just not find it anymore! This lead to the guy below which uses some Chaos Space Marine parts. After taking the picture, I actually decided to change one of the legs to a Space Marine leg as you see in the next picture further down...

Then I filled the holes with green stuff. Fairly simple conversion.

Now for the painting! I first primed the Bloodletters with Chaos Black Primer, just to then use the airbrush with skull white to bring back most of the parts to light.

However, I left some areas (the bottom legs and the backs) a bit darker.

Then I sprayed Bloody Red (note that the reds come out really wrong in the photos, so you have to stick to the names of the colors here for reference...)

Next, I washed the miniatured with the old red ink.

Then I mixed some Blood Red with Bleached Bone to spray the bellies a bit to make them lighter (similar to most real animals ;-))

With the skin, the airbrushing part of the painting process is already completed.  Next up was to paint all the horns and swords black  the most tedious and annoying step of the painting (no picture).

Then followed a dry brushing of the bronze parts with Brazen Brass...

While the horns were highlighted with several layers of black with increasing amounts of Dark Sea Blue...

... over mixing in some codex grey ...

and finally Bleached Bone

Then I painted the teeth and tong with pure Bleached Bone.

And highlighted with White

Then I created a special mixture of Purple and Red Ink with lots of Ardcoat Varnish and a little pit of White to wash the tongs

Then I washed the whole skin and face with Devlan Mud to create shadows...

... and the horns and swords with Baddab Black to  smoothen the transitions.

Finally, I applied some thinned Black Ink to darken the swords even further and finish the handle.

After all the washes and inks were dry, it was time to highlight again. First the bronze parts with several layers of Brazen Brass with increasing amounts of Mithril Silver and Glorious Gold to equal parts...

And next, the teeth got some white again. The eyes yellow. And some pure Ardcoat Varnish to make the tongs and mouths shiny. :-)

The final paint step to the miniatures was to use some Tamiya Red with a tiny bit of black mixed into it to create blood effects...

That's it!

Happy painting!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bloodletters of Khorne -- Unit 2 (with some slight modifications)

Finally, the second unit of bloodletters is finished! The first one turned out to be a bit too dark, so I tried to keep it light with this one! :-) At the same time, I got bored by the very similar poses of the kit offers so I decided to make a few reposings green stuff but see yourself (and watch out for the unit champion ;-)).

I will upload a description of the modifications and the paint scheme later...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bloodletters of Khorne -- The Demonkin are coming!!!


First unit of a new army finished!

This unit was supposed to be a quick one! So let's see:

- 5 min unclipping the bits
- 5 hours removing mold lines! WTF...
- 30 min assembling
- 30 min putting wire into their feet and putting on cork.
- 5 min priming with GW primer
- 1 hour airbrushing the skin tones
- 5 hours painting with brushes
- 2 hours doing the bases
- 30 min gluing onto the bases
- 30 min applying pigments

---> total: ~15 hours of work. I guess that is rather quick indeed. :-)

Played around with the airbrush here for the skin. Still not satisfied with the how the red turned out (not bright and strong enough) but it is good enough for a first unit. Let's see how the next one will go! Good thing about Chaos: skin tones can vary... ;-)

The bases do not come out in the photos at all. I used ForgeWorld Powder which seems to be difficult to photograph (similar to red colors ;-))



Sunday, October 4, 2015

Legionaries now really finished, finally with shields!

Hi again,

back in 2012 (!!!), I painted these guys but forgot the shields. So, it took me only 3 years to get the shields done! ;-)

Necromunda - Redemptionist Crusade (Gang)


I finally came around to paint up my Redemptionists consisting of most of the classical models plus some of the newer Fanatic resculpts.

Owing to the fact that both my storage and my brain are swelling over with miniatures and ideas for projects, I decided to increase my production rate! However, since I do not have more time for the hobby (as you see from posting rate ;-)), I decided to paint faster (and dirtier)! These guys took 1.5 hours per model and were painted in small groups of two to four at the same time...

I did not use the "Juve" and Zealot bodies of the Fanatic version because they are too small I think! They look strange right next to the classical models.

In addition, I converted an inquisition priest from 40K, and I gave all of them "proper" Redemptionist hoods. My idea is that all of them would hide their faces as good as possible (apart from the crazy zealots maybe) since the Redemptionists are "outlaws".

This is how I came up with the color code (no classic yellow flames because the do not go well with the white, and more importantly they would have taken too long to paint! ;):
- Novices (no models yet; to be converted still)  have only white hoods,
- Brothers have white hoods and red cowls,
- Deacons have black hoods and red cowls,
- and the Redemptor Priest is all white.
- Then, Zealots are also all white but dirtier.

The idea behind this is the following: The red is obviously the color of redemption so a full brother can wear the red, while the white is for those of pure heart, a higher level of sainthood basically. Now, a practical problem of the white is that it is easily seen in the dark corridors of the Hive and thus invites a high number of head shots. Therefore, the Deacons (the only true warriors in the "Gang"), wear black hoods. This way they can easily hide behind the mass of brothers! Since the priest is a leading figure of high sainthood he can obviously not wear black. It has to white! This of course means that he will have to be protected and has to stay behind during the battle so that he does not get shot at.

The Zealots are special and wear all white as well because they gave up basically everything to reach the ultimate redemption on the fast track so to speak. In practise this means that they are going to die in the next fight with a high certainty. However with they Eviscerator chain saws they are probably going to kill some mutants and heretics in a frenzy! Then the Eviscerator can be given to the next "lucky" soul to enter the highway! ;-)

For the Novices, I plan to convert some chaos cultists wrapping their heads into white hoods. Isn't that a big irony?! ;-)

Happy painting!